April 23, 2024

December Medical Supply Shipment Arrives

This past week our December Medical Supply Shipment arrived at the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital, shipped courtesy of our good friends at RocMaidan. Thank you RocMaidan! As you may recall, this shipment included 270 lbs (123 kg) of medical tube feeding formula used for patients who have had a gastrostomy tube placed due to an injury and illness, and need a way to receive nutrition during their recovery. Also included were supplies to care for patients who have a tracheostomy placed.

August 12, 2023

Hear Us on Mriya Report

Last weekend, we were featured on Mriya Report, for a discussion of our efforts to deliver medicines and supplies to Ukrainian hospitals. As many of you know, Mriya Report has been providing listeners with high quality news and discussions from domain experts concerning Ukraine. It was a real honor to be invited to share the story of the Ukraine Medical Relief Fund on their Sunday show. A recording of our conversation should be posted on Mriya Report’s Spotify channel soon, and we will update this link when it is.

June 20, 2023


Total Parenteral Nutrition. We doctors call it “TPN.” It’s used when a patient has any severe bodily wound. We may not be able to use the gut to feed the patient. While the body heals, the patient still needs to be fed. That’s where TPN comes in. TPN provides all the protein, sugars, and fats – as well as vitamins and minerals – needed to sustain life while healing occurs. It’s given intravenously.

June 6, 2023

Korones Family Foundation Donation

We have some wonderful news. Last week the Ukraine Medical Relief Fund received a $20,000 donation from the Korones Family Foundation, to further our mission of providing supplies and medications to Ukrainian hospitals. The Korones Family Foundation has a special interest in humanitarian work, and we are extremely honored and humbled to be among the recipients of their support. Dr. Yuliya Snyder, co-founder of the Ukraine Medical Relief Fund, and Dr.

June 1, 2023

International Day for the Protection of Children and Greetings From Kharkiv

June 1 is the International Day for the Protection of Children in Ukraine. In this time, we wish continued strength and courage to the armed forces of Ukraine, who are the first defenders of Ukraine’s children, and we wish them success as they reclaim their country. We also wish the rapid return of the thousands of Ukrainian children abducted by the terrorist state, and the prosecution of those who have conceived, aided and abetted these criminal acts.

May 26, 2023

Attacks on Hospitals Are War Crimes

Overnight the terrorist state attacked a hospital in Dnipro, Ukraine with missiles. There are killed and wounded, including reports of two children injured. The message from our canine volunteers is really simple. This of course is not the first time the terrorist state has attacked a hospital. Among the earliest images in March 2022 after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began was the picture of a pregnant woman being transported out of a bombed maternity hospital in Mariupol.

April 22, 2023

Second Part of Allendale-Columbia Atonal Hits Medical Aid Delivered

This past week our partner Future for Ukraine Foundation delivered the second part of the project funded by the winter concert organized by 8th grade students at Allendale-Columbia School together with classical musicians Katha Zinn and Illya Filshtinskiy (@aTonalHits). FFU delivered hospital equipment that had been requested by the Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 9 in the capital city, Kyiv. The hospital provides a broad range of pediatric medical and surgical subspecialty services.