April 5, 2022

Volunteers in Poland Aid Shipment for Ukraine

Dr. Neil Scheier.

This is Dr. Neil Scheier, Rochester-area internist. He contacted us one day and told us that this week he was flying to Poland to serve as a medical volunteer with Ukrainian refugees. “It just feels like the right place to be right now,” he said. He offered to carry a couple of bags of donated medical supplies to our contacts in Warsaw. He didn’t have to offer twice. Here at @rocukrainemedrelief we are always looking for ways to get things across the Atlantic Ocean to where they are needed the most. Thanks to your donations, we had about 80 lbs (36 kg) of over-the-counter medications and hospital supplies ready to go.

Dr. Scheier and the supplies arrived today in Warsaw, Poland, and our contacts there will get the supplies to Lviv, Ukraine by this weekend. From there, the supplies will be distributed to clinics in need.

The inventory of the shipment is as follows:

acetaminophen, infant susp 3
acetaminophen, child susp 13
acetaminophen, caps/tabs 14
acetaminophen, suppositories 1
ace wraps 4
alcohol pads, boxes 8
aspirin tabs 10
band aids, boxes 27
cetirizine, child susp 7
cetirizine, tabs 2
cotton balls, bags 6
diphenhydramine, child susp 4
diphenhydramine tabs 3
first aid kit 1
gauze, boxes 12
hydrocortisone cream 16
ibuprofen, child susp 12
ibuprofen, tabs 31
loratadine, child susp 2
loratadine tabs 4
medical gloves, boxes 6
naproxen, tabs 1
neosporine ointment 11
pepto-bismol 8
petroleum jelly 9
tegaderm box 1
triple antibiotic ointment 17

So much work is being done by volunteers like Dr. Scheier, individuals who look at the situation, and promptly step up with helping hands. I need to be there. I can help. They are doctors, nurses, paramedics, and also social workers, counselors, therapists, and teachers. Where would we be without these volunteers in Poland?

We also are so grateful to and proud of our Polish brothers and sisters. Throughout this humanitarian catastrophe, Poland has been a strong and steady force of good. Millions of Ukrainian grandparents, mothers, and children are sheltered safely within her borders, where evil cannot touch them tonight.

We are still accepting donations!

We are collecting monetary donations to support the purchase of medical supplies and non-controlled substance medications now for Ukrainian hospitals. Go to our fundraising page to contribute.

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