March 13, 2024

Medical Nutrition Aid Sent

This past weekend we sent 88 lbs (40 kg) of Osmolite tube feeding nutritional supplements and wound care supplies to the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital. These tube feeding supplements are for patients who may need additional caloric support and are not able to swallow due to their injuries. This kind of nutritional support is essential for the care of patients who have long term injuries. Our shipment also included large syringes and tubing for the delivery of the supplements to patients with feeding tubes in place.

Medical nutrition aid sent. Medical nutrition aid sent.

These supplies were generously donated by Rochestarians Jon Giordano, with Dr. Jara Johnson contributing. We are so grateful for this donation!

Our shipment went by Meest to Ukraine, so may take some weeks to arrive. We will let you know when these boxes arrive!

Medical nutrition aid sent. Medical nutrition aid sent.

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