December 12, 2023

December Medical Supply Shipment

This past week, we received a very generous donation. Andrew Ragan, a retired Rochester area teacher, donated 270 lbs (123 kg) of medical supplies to the Ukraine Medical Relief Fund. These supplies include medical tube feeding formula that is used for patients who may have had a gastrostomy tube placed due to an injury and illness, and need a way to receive nutrition during their recovery. Also included are supplies to care for patients who have had a tracheostomy placed. A tracheostomy is an airway that is surgically placed in a patient’s neck that allows them to breathe if due to injury or illness they are not able to breathe for themselves.

These supplies are critically important to helping care for the sickest of the sick, and we are very grateful to Andrew for this donation.

The medical supplies will be shipped to the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital by our good friends at RocMaidan in the coming weeks. Thank you RocMaidan for all you do to help Ukraine!

December Medical Supply Shipment

Andrew Ragan and 270 lbs (123 kg) of medical supplies for a Ukrainian hospital.

December Medical Supply Shipment

This shipment was packed up at the RocMaidan warehouse in preparation for shipment to Ukraine. Thank you RocMaidan!

The inventory of the shipment is as follows:

Tracheostomy Clean & Care Trays 17
Untreated Disposable Oral Swabs 50
Yankauer tubes 2
Enfit tip syringes 4
Suction swab 1
#240 Blue Trach tube holders 20
Foley 2-way Catheter stabilization devices 9
Trach drain sponges 35
Disposable Inner Cannula 10
Infinity Enteral 1200 ml bags with connectors 21
Plastic urinal 1
12" 4-panel Binder 1
Suction Catheter Tray with Chimney Valve 1
Dermacea Drain Sponges 25
Suction swab tray 1
60 cc syringes 8
Glydo lidocaine applicator + jelly 1
Disposal washcloth EasiCleanse bath 1
Irrigation trays with piston syringe 2
Trachosteomy tube holders 5
Bard DispozABag Leg Bag 3
Sleeved Suction Catheter kit 1
Non-conductive suction tubing 22
Toothbrush with tubing 1
1000 ml Ensemle Epump Enplus Spike with Flush bag 1
Nonadhesive hydrocellular Polyapertured Dressings 10
Adult flexible trach tube w/ guard cuff 1
4% Lidocaine Pain relief patches 30
Blow-up waffle pad 1
White trach ties 100
Lidocaine Pain relief patches 50
20 ml plastic syringes 2
Top-fill gravity feed set with enfit connector 2
Enfit tip syringes (60 ml) 3
Cloth and plastic pads 25
Wire-plastic bristle tube uncloggers 15
Long cotton swabs 8
Vomit bag 1
Plastic measure container 1
ACE connectors with legacy connection 8
Statlock Foley Stabilization device 1
Universal tubing securement devices 8
Foley anchor (centurion) 1
Enteral Drainage bags with Enfit 15
Yankauer Suction instruments 7
Nutren and Peptide tube-feeding nutrition cartons 31
Peptide 1.5 11 oz. sole source nutrition formula 48
Nutrisource fiber supplement (guar gum) 144
Nutren 1.5 containers for tube feeding 120

Thank you again Andrew for your very generous contribution!

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